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Most buyers will not buy your wares if they are not comfortable about you. A lot of what doesn’t make them comfortable is what other people say about your brand, product or service. That’s why a lot of them will stick to what they know, rather than adapt to the better they know not about.

A good number of consumers relied on magazines and consumer reporters/journalists to discover products, services or suppliers they could trust in the old days. Today, consumers no longer buy stuff from physical shops having taken everything online. They depend on customer reviews to make decisions on whether they should buy or wait out.

Essay writing companies serve millions of consumers who spend money online. Unfortunately, most of them are not as huge as Amazon or cannot expose the identity of their customers/employees. Students rely elsewhere when they want information about what custom essay writing companies they should trust.

Students as consumers

Students spend a lot of time and money researching and buying essays online. This task is hard because they have to rely on traditional forums to find information if any about what goes on inside some essay writing companies. In the end, they end up using essay writing companies that have no interest in serving them, or know how to serve them well!

Why review essay writing companies

There are hundreds of essay writing companies out there. Most of them are good at what they do; professionals and everything. However, a small number gives these consumers a hard time when they do not deliver on their promises, or send our plagiarized, low quality essays.

Our goal with ucollegecommunity.org is not to replace essay writing companies with something else, but to help consumers figure these companies out. We do it through provision of the right information they need to make decisions.

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How it works

We initially go out to ask customers of essay writing companies about the service providers they have used in the past. These consumers rate company quality, consistency, and reliability. We use the information they give to rank some of the best ranked essay writing companies in the world. Our users can use the list directly to make decisions.

We also send out emissaries to investigate the work of different essay writing service providers. When they do, we are able to compile a summary that tells the consumers everything they need to know about a company before making decisions.